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War 2, P47s in Action

Carrier Landing

Switchblade - Thje Movie

Flying The Flag

The Lone Marine, Rolling Thunder

Cape Cod Stop & Shop, Spirit of America

United States Air Force Virtual Tour

Fifth Generation Fighter Planes

Apache Gunship Combat Footage

U.S. Army Afghanistan Combat Footage

A-10 Vrs. Teliban Bikers

Hellfire Missle On IDE Team In Iraq

Angel Flight - God Bless Our Fallen Heros


Made In America

An Khe Army Airfield, 1st Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie-The Rescue of Roger Locher

We Remember

Diamond Rio-In God We Still Trust

The Battle Of Athens

Pray For Our Nation

Obama’s Catholic Plan

Flying Over The Earth

Longest Sniper Kill Ever

My Name Is America

Soldiers Deck of Cards

Eternal Peace

Marine Stuns Crowd

No Laughing At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

America’s First Jet Flight

Freedom Is Not Free. All Gave Some, Some Gave All.
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