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American Legion Post 217
    Warsaw, Missouri
    For God and Country
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The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution of the United States of America

America is the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” This has a special meaning for those of us who fought for our Country and for our Freedoms. This is why we fought. This is why, this day, we still fight for our Country: Freedom Is Not Free! “Heavenly Father, Watch Over Our Nation, Give Us Your Grace To Do Your Will, We Ask This Through Your Son, Our Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ.


In God We Trust

The Declaration of Independence

July 4th, 1776


In God We Trust

United States Constitution

September 17, 1787

Freedom Is Not Free. All Gave Some, Some Gave All.
American Legion Post 217, Post Office Box 361, Warsaw, Missouri (660) 438-6925, Lounge (660) 438-6928
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